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TIERED TRAY SETS - 3 Month Bundles & Individual Tiered Tray Sets Available!!!

These are all available both finished and as Paint it Your Way - you paint it how you like it! :)

FOR THE BUNDLE: Each month you will receive 4-5 different laser cut wood decorations for your tiered tray.  In the month's following your first month (that you pick via the website), you will receive a message or email from me on around the 12th of the month and you can choose one of two options available for that month, so you’re sure to get something you love!

Orders must be placed by the 15th of each month - they will be shipped/ready for pick up on the 20th to ensure you have them in plenty of time for the next month. If placed after the 15th, you're not guaranteed to have it by the 1st.

If you need it shipped, you’ll be invoiced $3.50 for shipping each month. (these would likely cost around 7.50 to ship, so you’re getting a break on that too!)

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